Thanks go out the following people! 

August 3, 2015
Larry Plante, Phil Plante and Randy Cox for making a new door for the outhouse.

July 11-12, 2015
Sue Alexander, Steve and Virginia Bartos, Don Cherry, Rosemary Chomos, Randy Cox, Bob Danko, Pat Durrell, Jodi and Roy McCullough, Dave Ruck for showing the Sun, selling raffle tickets and helping out at the Festival of the Arts.

July 11, 2015
Bob Danko for running the “Open For Business” observing program at the club.

July 11,2015
Don Cherry and Randy Cox for designing and building the parallelogram mount for our raffle.

July 8,2015
Digging Crew of Steve Bartos, Don Cherry, Randy Cox, Bob Danko, Harry Harker, Jodi and Roy McCullough and Larry Plante for checking out the drainage situation at MVCO.

June 29, 2015 
Larry Plante for installing new rollers and chain on the dome shutters for the 16″ scope. 

June 27, 2015
Don Cherry and Randy Cox for developing the “New Members Packet”.  Roy McCullough for presenting “Constellation of the Month- Ophiuchus”  and Jodi McCullough for presenting Astronomy 101- New Horizons Mission.

June 6, 2015
Sue Alexander,  Steve Bartos, Robert Blevins, Don Cherry, Randy Cox, Adam DiCristofaro,  Lou and Karin DiNardo, Pat Durrell, Rich Mattiussi, Roy and Jodi McCullough, Bob McCully, Alethea Mymo, Larry Plante, Phil Plante, Dave Ruck, and Dan Schneider for helping at the Bill Pearce Memorial Star Gaze.

May 30, 2015
Phil Plante for presenting “The Meteorite and How to Use It”, Don Cherry for presenting Constellation of the Month- Bootes and Jodi McCullough for presenting Astronomy 101- Exoplanets

May 22, 2015
Phil Plante and Larry Plante for repairing the dome shutter and seeing that the telescopes were in working order.
Randy Cox for opening the observatory for an extra “Open for Business” session.
April 25, 2015  
Randy Cox for presenting “Are You A Skeptic?”;  Jodi McCullough for presenting “Astronomy 101 on Galaxies” and “Constellation of the Month- Hercules”; Larry Plante for opening the 8″ and showing us Jupiter and the Moon; Rosemary Chomos, Chris Stephan, and others for the snacks.
Phil Plante , Tony Mehle  and Chris Stephan for donating items for the OTAA.
April 19, 2015
Tony Mehle for announcing the Bill Synder Exposition at the Butler and Randy Cox for arranging a private session for MVAS.
April 19, 2015
Bob Danko for getting the 8″ roof back on track.
April 10, 2015 
Randy Cox, Adam DiCristofaro, Lou DiNardo, Pat Durrell, Allen Heasley, Keith Janeco, Roy and Jodi McCullough, Dan Schneider,Sharon and Ed Shanks,Larry Plante, and Phil Plante for helping with the Mill Creek Metroparks Star Gaze.
April 4, 2015   
Jodi and Roy McCullough and Phil Plante for helping out with the Columbiana Library Telescope Program.