1. Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Quarterly magazine with in depth articles on topics of interest to amateur astronomers.

2. Astronomy Magazine/Website
One of two leading USA astronomy monthly magazines. Check out the website for lots of astronomy information.

3. Astronomy Technology Today
Quarterly magazine with reviews of all the new astronomy gadgets.

4. First Light Magazine
A bimonthly international astronomy magazine for the phone/tablet/ipad.

5. Mercury Magazine
Quarterly magazine geared to astronomy educators but useful for anyone.

6. The Meteorite
The monthly newsletter of MVAS. Available as a download or in paper as a special request.

7. The Reflector
Quarterly newsletter of the Astronomical League. Available with membership to the Astronomical League.

8.  Sky and Telescope Magazine/Website
One of the two leading USA astronomy monthly magazines. The website gives information on what is currently visible in the sky plus more.