Night Sky Guide Books

1. Sky Spot
They sell laminated, spiral bound guide books. All four are useful. ( Messier Objects, Bright Telescope Objects, Over Looked Objects and Double Stars.)
2. Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 by Wil Tirion and Brian Skiff via Amazon
3. What’s out Tonight by Ken Graun
4. Discover the Moon by Jean Lacroux and Christian Legrand via Amazon
5. Binocular Highlights by Gary Seronik
6. Celestial Sampler by Sue French
7. Pocket Sky Atlas by Roger Sinnott
8. Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe Them by Martin Mobberley
Gives tips for observing photographing them. Only book to cover digital camera tips.

General Astronomy Reading

1 . Starlight Nights– The Adventures of a Star-Gazer by Leslie Peltier and David Levy
This chronicles the life of Ohio Amateur Variable Star observer, Leslie Peltier. A quiet, relaxing and inspiring book. Purchase through Chris Stephan or Amazon.

2. Heavenly Intrigue by Gilder and Gilder
An astronomical “who-done-it” that investigates the lives of Kepler and Brahe and the murder behind one of history’s greatest scientific discoveries.

3. Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony by Marcia Bartusiak
This discusses the search for gravity waves. Written by one of today’s greatest science writers.

4. The Day We Found the Universe by Marcia Bartusiak
Written by Bartusiak, need I say more? OK, this one goes over the events that led to our understanding that there are separate galaxies in the Universe.

5. The-Minute Astronomer by
Tips, Tales and Tours for the Casual Stargazer

6. The End of Night by Paul Bogard
Discusses light pollution and its effects on both Astronomy and biological systems.