Astronomy News and General Information
1.  Universe Today
Free daily e-mail on what is new in Astronomy.

2.  Spaceweather
Is there a new comet visible? How about aurora possibilities or sunspots? Here is your source for this information. For a fee, they will even send you an aurora alert. They also host images people post from all around the world. You will see some club member’s photos here.

3.  Nine Planets
An updated information site on the planets and the Moon. Don’t worry, they know we only have 8 planets but this site predates the loss of Pluto.

4. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Daily pictures and information on astronomy objects from professionals and amateurs located all around the world.

5.  Ward Beecher Planetarium
Great Planetarium located in Youngstown, Ohio and the winter home of MVAS.